Tax Preparation



The preparation of various returns and other required statements may suffice with an eye toward anticipating tax consequences in the future. All tax services are designed to help the client make strategic moves to take advantage of current tax law and upcoming legislation.
Specific services include:


  • Preparation of returns - Individual and Business

  • Consulting: Analyzing tax benefits of investment opportunities; advising on the tax consequences of transfers of business ownership among family members; designing compensation, fringe benefit and retirement plans; planning for a change in corporate accounting methods; and providing income and estate tax counseling.

  • Personal tax planning and assistance-including improvement of current tax position; building and preserving assets; minimizing estate and inheritance taxes.

  • Business tax advice: Tax planning and assistance; pros and cons of purchasing, selling and merging; establishing, reporting and monitoring pension and profit-sharing plans; and handling liquidations and reorganizations.

  • Representation before regulatory bodies, including the IRS and the State of New Jersey.

  • Estates and Trusts-preparation of all estate and fiduciary returns for the established estate while insuring the lowest possible estate and inheritance tax. Our tax professionals can provide a tax strategy, both immediate and long-range that reduce future financial risk for the individual and the family. This may include a restructuring of your will, investments and assets, as well as consultation with your legal, trust, insurance and investment advisors.


It begins with a plan which reflects research, an appreciation of corporate goals, and a sensitivity to budgets and deadlines. This is followed by an examination of financing options, and an understanding of the opportunities, potentials and dangers of each approach. A budget is created to support both long-range and strategic planning, including advice on effective utilization of manpower, materials and other resources.
Upon approval, the plan is implemented by our business advisory team who are educated, experienced and poised to attain the client's goals. This is monitored through completion.


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